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Do You want to be Better?
Fit, safe, responsible, and extraordinary!

Train Iwama Ryu Aikido with Michael Field Sensei.

His specialised Training Method will give you a learning advantage. Training is in mixed classes, men & women, 15-70 year olds. Beginners are nurtured, taught safety skills and to enter the states of mind necessary to become a “balck belt” person. Experience how it works at your free trial classes.

Michael Field is Headmaster of Iwama Ryu Aikido Australia. In Japan, he was live-in apprentice to Morihiro Saito Sensei, the technical heir of Aikido. He has 36 years of Iwama Aikido training, teaching and leadership experience in both Australia / Japan

Under Australian law your are permitted to use reasonable force in your defence. Use of excessive force is a crime. If all you can now is punch or kick, you could end up in gaol! You’ll learn to proportionally defend against 31 different kinds of physical and non projectile weapons attacks.

Our Guarantee to you! After completing your first ten nominated classes if you wish to stop for any reason we will return all your training fees.

We have 5 other Melbourne locations with instructors (taught by Michael) who are ranked 3rd Degree Black belt and above.

Aikido Iwama, Level 1, 259 Chapel St., Prahran
Aikido Iwama, Mechanics Hall, Kallista

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